The Program

    1. WELCOME from Tim and Steve-- (Length: 21:19)

    1. The Completely Private, Secret Facebook Group

    1. LESSON 2-1: How to Stop Arguing About Stupid Shit

    2. LESSON 2-2: Arguments About Sex: Let’s Go Deeper

    3. LESSON 2-3: How to Be a More Effective Man During Conflicts

    4. LESSON 2-4: How to Grin in the Face of DRAMA

    5. LESSON 2-6: How to Use Your Mind to Reverse Negative Feelings

    6. LESSON 2-5: The Four Most Deadly Habits You Must Stop Now

    7. LESSON 2-7: How to Respond in Ways that Build Trust and Connections

    8. LESSON 2-8: How the Confident Man Uses Arguments to INCREASE Attraction

    9. LESSON 2-9: STOP THAT! AND START THIS -- Becoming the Man You Want to Be

    10. LESSON 2-10: You Can Do This...Even if She Isn’t Playing

    1. LESSON 3-1: What if You Felt Cool, Clear, Calm and Unapologetic at This Moment?

    2. LESSON 3-2: How to Become an Amazing Mountain Lion of a Man

    3. LESSON 3-3: How to Get Clear on What You Want and ASK For It

    4. LESSON 3-4: Decoding What Women Want (It’s Really Not That Complicated)

    5. LESSON 3-5: The Mojo Mindset You Need to Deal EFFECTIVELY With Sexual Tension and Rejection

    6. LESSON 3-6: STOP THAT! AND START THIS -- Becoming More You and More Attractive

    7. LESSON 3-7: The #1 Promise You Must Make to Yourself

A Course for Men